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Portfolio Management Services

The portfolio managers at Almondz are professionals in making exacting selections about investments and carrying out investment activities for both individuals and businesses. Focusing specifically on portfolio management, we use our knowledge to improve your assets through customized plans that match your risk tolerance and financial objectives. Count on Almondz, with our committed staff and a track record of success in strategic investment management, to lead you towards a profitable future.

What is Portfolio Management Services

A customized professional solution called Portfolio Management solution (PMS) is provided to meet the investing goals of various investor types. PMS offers investment options that are tailored to a specific clientele. The clients may consist of wealthy individuals or institutional bodies. Put simply, a PMS offers expert investment management to help you accumulate wealth.

Types of Portfolio Management Services

  • Discretionary : In Discretionary, a person authorizes a portfolio manager to handle his financial needs on his behalf. The individual gives money to the portfolio manager, who handles all of his investment needs, including paperwork, documentation, and filing. In discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager has the authority to make decisions on behalf of his client.
  • Non-Discretionary : Non-discretionary allow the portfolio manager to just advise the client on what is good and bad for him, but the client retains complete control over his own decisions.

Benefits of Portfolio Management Services

Expert opinion on your investment:
The fact that your money is in the hands of experts is one of the main advantages of choosing a portfolio management service. Your allocated portfolio managers are professionals in their industry who know how to handle market fluctuations. They will manage your portfolio efficiently and aim to increase your profit margin over time.

Efficient risk management:

The main objective of a portfolio manager is to raise returns on your investment while lowering risk. They emphasize spreading out the risk in order to protect you from losing money when market trends shift.

Regular monitoring:

A portfolio manager will routinely monitor the returns produced and the performance of each asset. This analysis informs changes made to your investment to help you achieve your financial goals.

Customised investment plans:

Your financial goals are the basis on which the portfolio managers tailor their investing strategies. After that, they adjust the plan in accordance with your age, risk tolerance, income, and budget.

For All Introduction

Attention Investors :
  • Prevent unauthorised transactions in your account.
  • KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets.
  • No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO.
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